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♡ enter the dollhouse ...

welcome to the doll's virtual reality !! u can call me kore or percy ++. somehow you've stumbled upon my virtual headspace, feel free to take a look around and see what you find... i'm always updating and adding smth new unless i've forgotten abt it or i'm too busy with irl stuff lol

about this blog

i decided to make my own webpage after admiring others for years and dipping my toes into htmlcss w my tumblr themes, carrds, + rentry/sntrys. i'm still learning so if anything is broken or looks a little funky im sorry guys im trying...

i've always admired people who create and keep up with their own personal blogs, just filling it with anything they want to like a virtual diary, so this is my attempt at keeping up my own... also i'm generally just tired of social media, & i wanted a place to share myself, my thoughts, and my interests without all that stress lol. expect to see my htmlcss learning journey, potentially a diary/life updates, and mostly my 9 million and a half interests !!

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